Registering an account with the Belastingdienst - a guide

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak29 August 2023
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As a taxpayer working in the Netherlands, you are required to register your bank account with the tax authority in order to be able to receive a refund of overpaid income tax from the country. In this article we will guide you through the entire procedure for registering your account with the Dutch Belastingdienst.

Tax settlement from the Netherlands - registering a bank account with the Belastingdienst

Until recently, when settling tax from the Netherlands, all you had to do was fill out a form and enter the number of any bank account in it. Now, according to the new regulations on the implementation of an additional procedure when verifying taxpayers' accounts, the Dutch tax authority Belastingdienst can transfer the refund of overpaid tax from the Netherlands to the taxpayer's authentic bank account only in certain cases. What are they?

  1. As a taxpayer, you are the owner or co-owner of the account.
  2. Your account is active.
  3. Your account can be confirmed by an additional certificate that is no more than two months old.
  4. Your identity can be confirmed by a legible copy of a valid ID card.

The above four conditions are necessary to be able to register a bank account for withdrawals in the Netherlands. If you meet all of these conditions and, in addition, have valid documents proving your identity, you will need to fill out the appropriate form or send a letter to the office requesting account registration with the Belastingdienst. Importantly, the printout must be filled out legibly and in capital letters.

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Registering an account with Belastingdienst - what to include in the letter

If you decide to register your account by sending a letter to the tax office in the Netherlands, you must attach the following documents to a properly completed application:

  • a legible copy of your ID card or passport (preferably in color);
  • a certificate from your bank showing your name, bank name and account number;
  • optionally: a copy of the tax decision (Aanslag).

You send the letter with all attachments by priority mail to the following address:

Belastingdienst Centrale Administratie

Postbus 9055

7300 GT Apeldoorn


The waiting time for account registration through the Belastingdienst in the Netherlands is about twenty working days.

Registering a bank account in the Netherlands - why it is so important

Registering an account with the Belastingdienst is necessary in two cases:

  • if you are settling yourtaxes from the Netherlands for the first time and the tax office does not have your account number,
  • when your account number found in the system is outdated.

Belastingdienst takes the subject of updating taxpayer account numbers very seriously, so do not delay this procedure and perform it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the waiting time for a refund of overpaid tax in the Netherlands will be significantly prolonged or, worse, the money will be transferred to an outdated bank account.

Account registration Netherlands - get help from specialists

Registering an account with the Belastingdienst can be very difficult for Poles working in the Netherlands. The procedure itself is not complicated, but it requires good preparation. If you feel that you can't cope with the formalities of registering a bank account in the Netherlands, our advisors are just waiting for you to ask them for help. They will give you the support you need and assure you that your Dutch tax refund will reach you within the specified timeframe.

On our part, we offer you to settle your tax with the Dutch tax authority through the Aangifte application. If you opt for this solution, within a few days you will receive a letter from the office in the Netherlands regarding permission to download the data electronically (this is a service called Servicebericht Aanslag that allows you to download the decision in online form). See for yourself how simple, fast and safe it is to settle your Dutch tax with our Aangifte app.

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