How many years back can you file your tax return in the Netherlands?

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak27 September 2023
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Have you worked in the Netherlands and not yet recovered the refund due to you? You would like to file a tax return, but you don't know how many years back you can file in the Netherlands? In the following post, we will explain everything about filing a return with the Belastingdienst and describe how best to do it - welcome.

Up to how many years back can you file in the Netherlands?

Dutch law stipulates that you can settle up to 5 years backwards. Thus, in 2022 it is possible to file a tax return on income for 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

If you worked in the Netherlands in 2017, the deadline for filing a tax return for this period is 31.12.2022. You have one last chance to do so, so think carefully about whether it is worth taking advantage of it.

Tax return for previous years - step by step

If you decide to file a tax return for previous years, you must comply with all the formalities required by the Belastingdienst.

Firstly, start by preparing all the documents. You will need

  • jaaropgave tax card,
  • your BSN (and, in the case of joint taxation, also your spouse's),
  • proof of residence in the Netherlands,
  • a statement about your period of employment,
  • a copy of your identity document.

Please also note that if you are still a Polish tax resident you will need a certificate of income earned in Poland for the year to which the settlement applies in the form of an EU/EC document. You will obtain it in the Polish tax office if you have previously submitted PIT 36 with ZG attachment. You can thus prove that you earned 90% of your income in the Netherlands and are entitled to tax reliefs

You will also need to register a bank account with the Belastingdienst. This must be a current, active bank account in order for the authority to send money.

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Self-assessment of tax via DigiD

You can choose to settle your Dutch tax yourself using your DigiD digital identity. This is a special individual electronic signature that helps you to deal with municipalities, the tax office and insurance companies electronically. The DigiD can be created in the Netherlands by anyone who is registered - free of charge and completely online.

Settlement with the Aangifte24 application

The fastest way to get your Dutch tax refund is to use the Aangifte app. Download it and create a free account or register at https://panel.belastingaangifte.pl/register/. Our state-of-the-art accounting software will guide you through the entire process, and if you need help, you can contact our advisors.

When applying for a tax refund, you will need to submit one of the forms depending on your specific situation

  • tax return Aangifte "C" - applies to non-residents, i.e. persons not registered in the Netherlands,
  • the Aangifte "P" return - for taxpayers registered in the Netherlands for the whole year,
  • printout 'M- Biljet'- for persons filing a return who have not lived in the Netherlands for the entire tax period.

Start by selecting the tax year for which you want to settle and the form of settlement - jointly or individually. Also confirm whether you want to apply for insurance subsidies and child tax credits.

In the next step, you will provide us with all the information about your income so that we can determine the amount of your Dutch tax refund. Enter the number of tax cards you have received from your employers and the period in which you were employed. Enter the details of your earnings and contributions and the calculator will determine the final amount by performing all the calculations.

If everything goes well and you send in your duly completed application, it remains to wait for your tax refund. The time taken to process a tax return can vary and there is no clear date. You will probably receive an initial tax decision (Voorlopige Aanslag) within a few weeks. The average waiting time for the final decision (Aanslag) and the transfer of the money to your account is between 3 and 12 months.

By when do you have to submit your application?

Regardless of which year you want to file your Dutch tax return for, you must remember to meet the deadline. These vary depending on your status in the country and are as follows.

  • if you are registered you have until 1 May at the latest to file your return,
  • if you are not registered, you have until 1 July.

Clearing back taxes in the Netherlands with the Aangifte app is trivially easy. Download the programme to your phone today and claim the money you are owed. The state-of-the-art software of our tax calculator will verify your data and select the most favourable settlement for you, so that you get the highest possible tax refund from the Netherlands.

Are you curious about how much tax refund you will receive? Our Dutch tax calculator online combines innovation with intuitiveness. This tool was designed to simplify the tax calculation process, with features specifically tailored for those working in the Netherlands. Regardless of the type of tax form you choose, whether it's an M-form, C-form, or P-form, our system is equipped to tackle any challenge. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have already managed to try the tool!