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English forms, readable panel, built-in certificates and BECON number - tax returns are submitted directly to Belastingdienst. The perfect solution for business clients.
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Tax assessment
After completing your tax return, you will find out the estimated amount of your refund or amount that needs to be paid. It is the only Polish tool that precisely estimates the amounts that will be indicated in the decision.
English Forms
You do not need to order forms in Dutch. Our forms are simple and were prepared in English. M-Form, C-For and, Zorgtoeslag forms are available.
BECON number
Our refunds are certified with a BECON number. We are an authorised tax agent operating in the Netherlands. Our tax returns are treated with priority.
Specialist support
Don't worry about formalities. If you would like to consult your application with our advisor, we can provide you with such a possibility through a VIDEO call or CHAT.
Electronic confirmation
The returns are sent directly to Belastingdienst. You will receive an electronic acknowledgment of receipt after submitting your statement. This provides you with a sense of security and quality of service
24h access
You don't need to install anything on your devices. Our panel is available online through any browser as well as in the mobile version for smartphones.
Rozliczenie podatku Holandia

After entering the basic data, the amount of the tax refund or amount to be paid is displayed. It is the only English tool that accurately estimates the result for a tax year.

Zwrot podatku Holandia

The software automatically verifies the entered data and suggests the most favourable settlement: with the 90% condition, insurance abroad or the Netherlands, with a fiscal partner.

Sending tax returns has never been easier!

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