How to account for unemployment benefits from the Netherlands

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak28 September 2023
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How to account for unemployment benefits from the Netherlands

By staying in the Netherlands and working there legally for twenty-six weeks, we become entitled to receive unemployment benefit for the next three months. The benefit will be paid when you lose your job. Is it possible to receive unemployment benefits for more than three months? You can, but in this case you must have worked for a minimum of four years out of the past five. Of course, also in the Netherlands

The next question that naturally springs to mind is what is the amount of unemployment benefit in the Netherlands. Here the calculation is simple. The benefit amount is 75% of the wage base. For example, if your 'day's pay' was €100, you will receive €75 for every day you spend on the benefit

Want to know more about unemployment benefit in the Netherlands? When will it be paid, can it be waived, what documents do you have to submit to the authorities? Find the answers to these questions in our article

Unemployment benefit from the Netherlands in Poland

Unemployment benefit received abroad is one of the most controversial benefits. Why? Because it is an income not covered by the so-called abolition relief or tax abolition. These are tax laws that apply to people earning income abroad and accounting for it there. The abolition relief excludes so-called double taxation, i.e. the payment of advance income tax payments in the Netherlands and Poland. Unfortunately, in the case of unemployment benefit from the Netherlands, this relief does not apply. In practice, this means that we will be charged income tax on this benefit twice - once in the Netherlands and once in Poland (when settling the annual PIT 36 return with the tax office).

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How to claim unemployment benefit in the Netherlands

Nothing prevents you from settling the unemployment benefit received in the Netherlands yourself in Poland. This is done when filing your annual Dutch tax return for the past year. Persons who receive income from work abroad settle on a PIT 36 form, to which an attachment PIT/ZG - PIT abroad - should be filled in. It contains appropriate fields for entering income from various sources, including unemployment benefit.

Not sure how to take care of unemployment benefits in the Netherlands in a quick and stress-free manner? Filling in and submitting the declaration yourself seems too complicated and labour-intensive to you? If so, it is a good idea to ask for help from specialists. This will help you avoid making mistakes and errors and consequently having to correct them at the tax office. The cost of an annual tax return including unemployment benefits from the Netherlands is usually between PLN 100 and 200, but this price already includes the submission of the return to the relevant tax office in your country.

Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands - conditions

The condition for receiving unemployment benefit in the Netherlands (WW-uitkering) is, as the name suggests, that you have lost your job. People who are legally employed to work in the Netherlands and who have been dismissed from this work by their employer can apply for Dutch unemployment benefit. Importantly, the dismissal must 'come from' the employer and not at the employee's request.

Logically, no one would want to specifically fulfil such a condition for receiving unemployment benefits in the Netherlands. However, if you have been faced with this unpleasant situation, please contact us. We will help you with all the formalities necessary to apply for unemployment benefits in the Netherlands.

The amount of unemployment benefit in the Netherlands

The amount of unemployment benefit in the Netherlands depends primarily on your average earnings. For this reason, it is not possible to give a definite answer to the question of how much the unemployment benefit in the Netherlands is. It is assumed that the amount of unemployment benefit is 75% of the claimant's wage base. In addition, a cost of 8% (Vakantiegeld) will be deducted from any amount paid, which you will receive at the end of the benefit or each year (in May).

Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands - what documents?

Not sure what documents you will need to claim unemployment benefit in the Netherlands? First and foremost, you will need to provide your most recent employment contract and so-called payslips for the last three months from the date of redundancy. In addition, you will need documents that prove your work experience, education or additional qualifications. Also have your employment certificate ready.

You must apply for unemployment benefit in the Netherlands within two days of being made redundant. You must go to two institutions with your application - the Labour and Employment Office (WERKbedrijf) and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands - when it is paid out

You will find out if and when you will be paid Dutch unemployment benefit within four weeks. You will receive the benefit once a month for a period of three months or - at most - twenty-four months.

How to calculate Dutch unemployment benefit

As mentioned above, for the first two months you will receive 75% of your daily salary; from the third month onwards it will be 70%. To find out the exact amount, it is best to contact your billing office.

How to suspend your unemployment benefit in the Netherlands

Wondering how to suspend your unemployment benefit in the Netherlands? You will terminate it when you get a new job. You must inform the employment office of this fact - within seven days of the first day of your new employment. If you conceal this information, a hefty fine may be imposed on you.

If you are no longer receiving unemployment benefit in the Netherlands, but you lose your source of income again within six months of your new employment, you can resume your benefit without reapplying. However, when you have been working for more than six months and there is a layoff after that, then you must apply for the benefit again.

Unemployment benefit in the Netherlands without a residence permit

Please note that in the Netherlands, both people who are registered in the country and those who are not. Applying for Dutch unemployment benefit for people without a registered address is not a complicated process.

To do this, you must go in person to the employment office closest to your place of residence and ask for a return form. It is also necessary in this case to register with the Dutch Labour and Employment Office as a person looking for a new job. This is easiest to do in person or by telephone.

A registered person has it a little easier - all you have to do is apply for the non-working Dutch benefit electronically using special DigID codes.

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