You sent the tax return and now what?

Find out about the tax return process and the actions you need to take. If you do not perform one of the actions below, you will probably receive a wrong assesment (e.g. for tax surcharge). Do not ignore any of the steps and follow them immediately after sending the tax return to the office.

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Is the application fee collected one time?

You pay one credit for each tax year. If you would like to settle e.g. 2017 and 2019, you should pay twice for the package - for each year separately.

Are tax returns verified before sending?

Only returns purchased in the PREMIUM package, which include support of a tax advisor, are verified by us. The other packages do not include an advisor's verification.

Do I have to send the original income certificate to the Netherlands?

If you do not have a residence permit for the entire year (P - form) and you meet the 90% condition, you have to send the original income certificate to the Netherlands. Here you can find certificates for all tax years:

Do I need to submit account registration and address update?

If you are settling your taxes for the first time in the Netherlands or you have used the services of tax companies in the previous years, we recommend that you send an update regarding your account and address. It is very likely that the data in Belastigndienst is outdated and the office has an account of an intermediary company and not yours, for instance.

What is the 90% condition in the Netherlands and when is it met?

Starting in 2015, Belastigndienst has implemented the 90% rule. If you meet the required conditions, you are entitled to the tax part of the Heffingskorting tax credit. Does it sound complicated? Let's assume that you only worked in the Netherlands and had no other income in countries beyond NL. In this case you meet the 90% condition. However, if you had income, e.g. in Poland, and it accounted for more than 10% of the total income from both Poland and the Netherlands, then the 90% condition is not met and you will not receive part B of the Heffingskorting tax credit.

I don't have Jaaropgave - can I complete my settlements without it?

Yes, very often the settlement is possible with the last payslip which is called Salaris. However, try to contact your employer and ask for a copy of the Jaaropgave document - it is their responsibility to issue it.

Does residence in the Netherlands affect my tax returns?

Your residence in the Netherlands is essential when it comes to the type and outcome of your tax returns. When preparing a tax return, special attention should be paid to the question about registration in the Netherlands. Depending on your situation, an appropriate tax form will be selected, that is:
- M form - for people who registered or unregistered during the year
- P form - for people who have been registered in the Netherlands all year round
- C Form - for people without registration

I received a higher amount of return than estimated in the application - what should I do next?

JIf you received more than you should, remember that the office will ask for it back. This mainly applies to TOESLAGEN extra benefits. So if you received more than you should be prepared that the office will ask for a refund within 2 years. Or you can act in advance and ask Belastgindienst to verify the situation. Then you will avoid having to pay interest.

How long does it take to settle my Dutch tax?

The office processes tax returns within 3 to even 36 months. It all depends on the verification of the certificate of income from Poland. Nevertheless, currently the average processing time is 5 months.

How to check if I was covered by social insurance in the Netherlands?

In our application you will find a question about social security. This is the key information because people who are exempt from insurance can receive a higher value of tax refund. You could be exempt from insurance only in the following cases:
- you were an employee assigned from another country and you have an A1 form confirming that you paid insurance premiums in another country
- you have been insured in another country taking into account your earnings in the Netherlands
Remember, however, that 99% of employees working under a Dutch employment contract are covered by compulsory social insurance, which is called Premie Volkverzekeringen.

Do I have to settle Dutch tax?

In the Netherlands, the following taxpayers are obliged to make a settlement:
- who received a written request to settle the Aangiftebrief
- as a result of submitting a tax return, they will receive a tax refund higher than EUR 16
- as a result of submitting a tax return, they must pay more than EUR 47 in tax.

The tax settlement date is specified in the request and if not, the deadline is July 1 of the next tax year. Therefore, if you worked in the Netherlands in 2019, you must submit a declaration by 1 July 2020.

Is it possible to submit the M-Form electronically?

Yes! Although the official website of the office states that it is not possible to submit this form electronically, tax advisors with a BECON number have such a possibility. Our application supports submission of a refund on print M Form.

What kind of income and tax deductions does the aangifte app support?

  • employment income (Jaaropgave)
  • UWV Income ( UWV Jaaropgave)
  • Income outside NL (employment and self employment,  rents etc)
  • child deduction - combinatiekorting
  • fiscal partner deduction

Why is my refund "Awaiting Confirmation"?

If you have submitted your refund via the application, we need approximately 48 hours to send you this refund. The Awaiting Confirmation status may be displayed during this period. After approval, the declaration status will change to Sent.