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M-Form Belastigndienst in English.

M Biljet with Belastigndienst. What do you need to know?

Did you register or deregister your stay in the Netherlands during the tax year? In such a case, you are obliged to submit the M Form, i.e. the M Biljet for people with partial registration in the Netherlands. We explain how to proceed when submitting an annual tax return to Belastigndienst and what to pay attention to.

Aangifte M form 2020 online

ALMOST 100 PAGES AND 85 DIFFICULT QUESTIONS- M- form Belastigndienst.

We know your first impression after receiving the paper version of M Biljet from the tax office. After all, there are almost 100 pages of difficult questions in Dutch. The problem is that the office does not allow you to complete the online declaration. What you can do is fill out the thick tax book or choose the services of a tax advisor who has the option of submitting an online form. In Belastigndienst, we attended a course on taxes, where we asked specifically about M Form in the paper version. At that time, even the official had to think about answers to some of the questions that were listed in the form. That means that filling out the paper M Form is quite a challenge even for professionals.

 M-Form Belastigndienst in English


We get numerous inquiries about the necessity to send the original income certificate signed by the abroad tax office. Many people believe that if they have registered their stay in the Netherlands, they do not have to send this certificate. This approach is incorrect. If registration in the Netherlands occurred during the tax year, you are obliged to send an EU/EC certificate to Belastingdienst. Let's assume the following situation: You have registered in the Netherlands on 3 January 2019 and your registered stay lasted until 31 December 2019. In such a situation, you were not registered in the Netherlands for the entire year (2 days are missing), so you have to settle using the M Form and submit a certificate of income from abroad. If you were registered throughout the entire year, i.e. from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 then you can submit the P form (P-biljet) and do not need to send in the income statement.


Unfortunately, the office does not provide you with this possibility in the tax and DIGID portal  to send M Form Belastigndienst. The only option is to have the M-Biljet declaration drawn up by tax advisors who can send them online. However, there is one important piece of information that will probably make your life easier: It is possible to submit the M form yourself through our application. Instead of filling out 100 pages and answering 85 questions, all you have to do is go through a simple form, where we will ask exactly 13 simple questions in English. Once the form is completed, the tax return is certified and sent online to the tax office. This is the only such option available on the market that allows you to submit your M Biljet online. Get started now and complete your M Biljet in our app.

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