Dutch tax refund calculator online 2023/2024

How much tax refund from the Netherlands will I get?

Dutch tax refund calculator online 2023/2024 the answer to your needs!

Wondering how much tax refund you will get from the Netherlands? Then the Aangifte calculator is something you shouldn't pass by! Why? Because it's a tool that uses the latest algorithms and current tax laws to accurately estimate how much money you can get back from the Belastingdienst.

Forget about complicated forms, confusing regulations and phone calls to the tax office. Enter your information and our tax refund calculator (Netherlands) will dispel your doubts, showing you clearly what you are entitled to. It's simple and fast – because that's what it should be!

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Netherlands tax calculator: precision and simplicity in one

Our online income tax calculator from the Netherlands combines innovation with intuitiveness. Its simple and neat interface means that even people who don't use online solutions on a daily basis will find it a reliable partner in their tax returns.

It was created to make the tax calculation process as easy as possible, offering features that are tailored to the specifics of working in the Netherlands. No matter what type of form you settle on (M-form, C-form, P-form), our tool can handle any challenge. 

Its unique precision ensures that nothing escapes its attention, making you see in black and white what kind of payment from the government you can count on. Regardless of your age or experience with technology – thanks to its simplicity, it is a tool that can be successfully used by anyone who wants to find out what kind of tax refund from the Netherlands they should expect.


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A tax calculator (Netherlands) tailored to fit everyone

In the world of taxes, one solution rarely fits all. But our Netherlands tax calculator changes that rule. 

Created with diversity in mind, it perfectly adapts to every tax situation. Whether you are married, single, a parent, resident or non-resident, our tool is prepared to adapt to your individual needs. 

It is worth mentioning that this is software that takes into account Dutch tax credits (provided you meet certain criteria). The Dutch payroll tax calculator not only understands these complex conditions, but also applies them efficiently, delivering precise and personalized results. Regardless of your salary and status, it ensures that every user will receive the most accurate overpayment calculation.


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See how much you can receive today!

Are you curious about how much tax refund you will receive? Don't wait any longer! Our online calculator is easy to use and ready to go – perfect for anyone who wants to calculate their refund quickly and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you can enter your information and see what benefits you can get. Without further ado – check out now how easy it is to get the tax refund you can expect.

Try our Netherlands tax refund calculator and join the ranks of satisfied users who have already managed to try the tool. Feel free to test it out and share your feelings about using the software today!


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Settlement of Jarograf from the Netherlands: a calculator that needs only a few data

Calculating an overpayment doesn't have to be complicated. Our online Netherlands tax calculator is a friendly tool that only needs a few basic pieces of information to efficiently calculate your refund. All you need to do is enter the amount of your employment income, known as 'LOON VOOR LOONBELASTING', the amount of tax withheld – 'LOONHEFFING', and the amount of tax credit – 'ARBEIDSKORTING'. The tool will easily process this information, offering you a clear and precise picture of what you can claim back. The process is quick and intuitive: the tool's window allows you to easily enter the data, which significantly speeds up the entire procedure of calculating.


We like when our clients are satisfied.

When you choose Belastigndienst, you focus on comfort and reliability. See why it is worth trusting professionals with your Dutch tax settlement. Below you can find reviews written by our Clients.

Everything went smoothly and quickly. If I didn't know something and wrote an email to support, literally after a short while I received a detailed message. I can honestly recommend the highest level of services!!!

Paweł Kruszewski

Professional service, they care about the customer, if you have a problem you can write an email and after a short while you will get a reply. The act quickly and efficiently without any problems. I settled my tax and zorgtoeslag.I received an insurance refund from the Netherlands.I received an amount that they calculated. I do not intend to switch to services of another company to. They are 100% trustworthy.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Peter Zimonczyk

2018 settled - the return came even in a slightly higher amount than it was calculated


This app is great. It works quickly and efficiently. I am very pleased ????

Kate Skrzypczak

I recommend the highest package - I was assisted by a kind staff member who checked everything and answered my questions about the extra refund.

Dominika Prusik

reat application, helps you handle returns without much preparation. Without it, I would not be able to do it and now the money is already on my account 🙂


I am very pleased with the application, everything was quick and efficient ????

Urszula Korniak

I recommend them wholeheartedly. I received replies to difficult questions quickly. This made it possible for the entire process of submitting returns smooth.


Thank you ???? I thought that I would not be able to go through all the procedures related to the tax refund - thanks to your assistance I was able to get everything done quickly and without any problems. Dank u wel!

Pawel Kotowicz

Everything worked out efficiently. They are always on point and provide professional help


A tool adapted to every situation

Your Dutch tax return may include elements that go beyond standard labor income: two of these are UWV benefits and Zorgtoeslag.

Our tax calculator from the Netherlands is designed to easily and efficiently account for these specific aspects. If you've been receiving sickness or unemployment benefits from UWV, just enter the relevant data into our tool and it will automatically take them into account. The same is true for Zorgtoeslag, the Dutch support for health insurance payments. Our tool will allow you to quickly calculate the amount of co-funding you can expect. This makes the Dutch tax refund calculator not only a tool for tax calculations, but also an aid to understanding the wide range of benefits you can enjoy.

How do I interpret the results that the income tax calculator (Netherlands) provides?

Our tool provides the results of the calculation in a clear and accessible mannerNegative amounts indicate that you will have to make a surcharge to the Dutch tax authority. Positive values, on the other hand, indicate an overpayment of tax and indicate the amount you can receive as a refund. With Aangifte's calculator, you will be able to easily understand how your individual tax situation translates into concrete numbers.

What is the 30% discount in the Netherlands and who is eligible? Can I include it in the calculator window?

The 30% tax credit in the Netherlands is a special program designed to attract highly skilled professionals from abroad. If you are an expert who has been hired or transferred to work in the Netherlands, this program can significantly reduce your tax burden. In practice, this means that you can receive up to 30% of your gross salary tax-free for up to the first five years of employment. 

In order to take advantage of this relief, you must meet certain criteria, such as having an adequate salary and expertise that is in short supply in the Dutch labor market. In addition, it is required that your previous residence be at least 150 km from the Dutch border. Our tax Netherlands calculator makes it easy to include this relief in your tax return.

Just select the appropriate option and enter the necessary data, and our tool will automatically calculate how the 30% allowance will affect your tax return. This ensures that your tax return is accurate and compliant with current regulations.

The 90% rule under the magnifying glass of a salary tax from the Netherlands calculator

Understanding and utilizing the 90% rule (regeling 90%) can be a critical factor in maximizing your return. Our tax calculator is designed to accurately account for this principle when calculating your return. What does this mean in practice? If most of your income came from the Netherlands, you may qualify for additional tax benefits. The tool takes into account not only your income, but also the periods during which you were insured in the Netherlands, which has a direct impact on the calculation of the Heffingskorting discount.

What taxes and deductions does our Netherlands payroll tax refund calculator take into account?

Our online Netherlands income tax calculator is designed to easily take into account a wide range of taxes and allowances that apply to income from work in the country.

First of all, it takes into account the payroll tax (Loonbestanding), which is progressive and consists of different thresholds: 9.42% for income up to €35,473, then 37.07% for income up to €69,398 and 49.50% for income above that amount.

In addition, the calculator also takes into account mandatory social security contributions (Volksverzekeringen), which include pensions (AOW), financial security in case of death (Anw), long-term medical care (Wlz) and optional contributions to the child benefit system (AKW).

What's more, our tool takes into account the general tax credit (Algemene Heffingskorting), which is designed to reduce the tax burden for low- and middle-income earners, as well as labor tax credits (Arbeidskorting), which vary depending on the employee's income. This way you can be sure that every aspect of your income is properly taken into account and the calculation of the overpayment is accurate.

Are you interested in calculating your overpayment? If so, try our calculator today. We invite you to do so!