1.  This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the www.belastingaangifte.pl website, in particular the aangifte24.com Application (hereinafter referred to as: Application) available on the website.
  2. The Controller of personal data collected via the Application referred to in the Terms of Service:
    1. directly from data subjects,
    2. indirectly from the Application User, with the express and voluntary consent (including specific consent to the processing of data by aangifte24.com) of the data subjects,

    is as follows: aangifte24.com - a limited liability companyaangifte24.com with its registered office located at the following address: Węgierska 31 33-300 Nowy Sącz, Poland, and the following contact details hello@aangifte24.com

  3. To use the Application by launching it in the Online version, it is necessary to provide aangifte24.com with the personal data of the User or the entity the User represents, indicated in the License Agreement concluded with the User, in order to create a tax return, in line with the purpose of the Application specified in the License Agreement. The user must be legally authorised to manage the above data.
  4. If the User needs to use technical support related to the use of services provided in connection with the Application, the User provides aangifte24.comwith personal data to the extent necessary to identify the User and establish contact with the User by the person providing technical support. The personal data referred to in the preceding sentence are processed by aangifte24.comonly for the purposes indicated above.
  5. Personal data of the User's customers by aangifte24.comfor purposes other than those indicated above shall only be collected on the basis of the express, separate consent of the User's customers, the provision of which is voluntary.
  6. Communication between the User's device andaangifte24.coms servers is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, encrypted with a 128-bit key. In addition, the databases of aangifte24.com are secured against third-party access.
  7. Personal data is processed in line with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws from 2002 No. 101, item 926 as amended).
  8. The Controller of personal data processed as part of the website is aangifte24.com, and the collection of personal data has been reported to the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.
  9. Personal data collected and processed by aangifte24.com will not be shared, leased out or sold to any third party, except in the case of acquisitions or mergers regardingaangifte24.com, subject to further provisions.
  1. The User retains the right to access their personal data as well as the right to supplement, update, rectify personal data, temporarily or permanently suspend data processing or delete the data it it is incomplete, out of date, untrue or it has been collected in violation of the law or is no longer needed for the purpose for which the data was collected.
  2. The Data Controller hereby reserves the right to refuse to remove a User's data, if its storage is required to satisfy claims, or if it is required by by the legal regulations currently in force.
  3. Personal data may be shared only in cases resulting from applicable laws, e.g. with state institutions and processed by aangifte24.comin line with the applicable laws and based on the consent granted by the User.
  4. The Data Controller declares that it processes the personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act and that it applies the technical and organisational measures which ensure protection of the processed data, appropriate to the threats and category of data covered by the protection, in particular that it protects the personal data against being shared with unauthorized people, its loss or damage.
  1. This Privacy Policy does not include any information regarding services or goods of other entities than the Data Controller, which has been posted on the Website commercially, on the basis of reciprocity or not achieving commercial effect.
  2. The Data Controller shall not be responsible for the actions or omissions of users, as a result of which the Data Controller processes the personal data provided by it in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.
  3. The Data Controller reserves the right to introduce changes, withdraw or modify the features or properties of the Website, as well as cease operations, transfer of service rights and perform any legal actions permitted by the applicable laws. Any actions performed by the Data Controller may not violate the rights of Users.
  1. The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy if required by the law or changes to the Website or the Application. The Data Controller shall notify the Users about the relevant changes and the date of their entry into force, in particular by posting a message on the Platform's website.
  2. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is effective from 4 December 2020.