Understanding withholding tax in the Netherlands – a deep dive for investors
The Netherlands has historically been viewed as a favorable location for international finance and licensing operations due to its lenient tax policies, especially concerning interest
Netherlands tax for expats: A comprehensive guide
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Tax return Netherlands deadline 2024: What you need to know
As the tax season approaches, it's essential for both residents and non-residents in the Netherlands to stay informed about the tax return deadlines for 2024.
Inkomensafhankelijke Combinatiekorting
The Inkomensafhankelijke Combinatiekorting is a tax deduction for children in the Netherlands that parents can receive when calculating their annual income. It is available to
Abolition of the wife allowance
For some time now, however, the Dutch government has changed the concept, steadily reducing the relief for the spouse. How does it currently work to
Extended tax refund from the Netherlands
Tax refund is a term well known to most Poles. For several decades now, we have had to settle accounts with the tax office every
BPM tax in the Netherlands
If you intend to travel around the Netherlands by car, you should be interested in the issue of the country's taxes for drivers. They apply
In order to properly apply for a Belastingdienst, you will need a tax card (Jaaropgaaf) from your employer. In order to calculate your tax overpayment,
Are you currently working in the Netherlands? Are you wondering whether you are entitled to an extra tax refund from the Netherlands due to separation
Tax settlement from the Netherlands without registration
People who have taken up employment in the Netherlands, but have not registered there, often wonder whether a Dutch tax return is then necessary. And
How to account for unemployment benefits from the Netherlands
Want to know more about unemployment benefit in the Netherlands? When will it be paid, can it be waived, what documents do you have to
How many years back can you file your tax return in the Netherlands?
Have you worked in the Netherlands and not yet recovered the refund due to you? You would like to file a tax return, but you
Tax surcharge in the Netherlands
With this article, we want to dispel all your doubts about the Dutch tax refund surcharge. Is it compulsory to settle with the Dutch tax
What is tax deductible in the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands, as in Poland, taxpayers are able to deduct various expenses from tax. This has the effect of reducing the amount of tax
Belastingdienst statute of limitations - what is the penalty for not filing a tax return in the Netherlands?
If you have worked in the Netherlands, you are probably aware that the tax authorities there require all persons earning income in the Netherlands to
How to make a transfer to Belastingdienst
Have you recently been employed to work in the Netherlands? Will you be settling your tax in the Netherlands for the first time this year?
Extra tax refund from the Netherlands for a child
If you're doing your Dutch tax return and have a child, you can claim an extra refund - that's up to €2835 in outstanding tax
Handhaving Netherlands - what is it?
If you are receiving benefits from the UWV in the Netherlands, or if you are just planning to file a corresponding application, you must remember
premie volksverzekeringen
Premiums volksverzekeringen are all premiums paid for social insurance in the Netherlands, taken from your monthly salary. They are mandatory for permanent residents of the
Sickness pension in the Netherlands
Sometimes it may be necessary to collect a sickness pension if you are unable to start or continue working. Polish workers who take legal work
As a taxpayer working in the Netherlands, you are required to register your bank account with the tax authority in order to be able to
DigiD is a type of digital identity that in the Netherlands is used to deal with many authorities. It is used as an electronic signature
Owning an apartment on your own involves a lot of expenses - it costs money to furnish it, keep it in good shape and perform
Kindgebonden Budget
If you are collecting child benefit in the Netherlands and your and your partner's joint income is not very high, there is a possibility that
In many cases, after the birth of a child and the expiration of maternity leave, parents are faced with a dilemma - to stay at
Vakantiegeld (holiday allowance in the Netherlands)
Did you know that every employee in the Netherlands is entitled to holiday pay (Vakatiengeld)? You can get holiday pay - find out if you
How to check the status of your tax refund from the Netherlands
You want to know at what stage your application is and when you can expect to get paid? Here you will learn all about it,
In the Netherlands, however, there is a huurtoeslag allowance, which is a subsidy for housing that allows you to recoup some of the money allocated
Is tax return in the Netherlands mandatory
On the earnings earned in the Netherlands, income tax is paid. It is taken from your monthly or weekly salary and paid to the tax
Did a letter come to you calling for a refund of the money you received from the Belastingdienst? Or maybe the amount of the surcharge
How much time is there to settle tax from the Netherlands
When does the tax return become mandatory for non-registered individuals? What is the deadline for filing? You'll read about this later in today's article.
Extraterritorial costs in the Netherlands - ET Kosten
The tax credit is one way to reduce the cost of living in the country of tulips. Delve into the rest of the article, where
From today's post on our blog you will learn exactly what the Dutch Belastingdienst is - what its tasks are, how it functions, in what
Social in the Netherlands - what support can you count on
In the Netherlands, such support can apply directly to the employed person, as well as to the spouse and children. In this post we will
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Have you ever heard this name? It is an allowance from the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authority) for people with low incomes. In short, the Belastingdienst
Tax thresholds in the Netherlands vs. the number of hours - will you pay more tax for overtime?
In today's post we will present how the tax for overtime in the Netherlands presents itself - welcome.
How to extract tax from Jaaropgaaf
In the following post we will try to answer the question - how to read Jaaropgaaf from the Netherlands?
Tax-free amount in the Netherlands 2023
Can we find the tax-free amount here? In today's post we explain this question. Welcome.
Zorgtoeslag from the Netherlands
What is the insurance refund and how exactly is it settled - you will learn all this in the text below.
BSN number - what is it? How to make and check the former Sofi number?
One of the basic issues worth assimilating is the BSN number. Today we discuss this document and suggest how to get one and check it
Reimbursement of pension contributions from the Netherlands - StiPP
Find out what the StiPP in the Netherlands is, what the return of pension contributions from the Netherlands looks like and who is entitled to
Tax in the Netherlands - how many percent
In today's post, we outline how much tax from the Netherlands and how it will affect your final income in the country. We invite you
Family in the Netherlands - family benefits in the Netherlands for foreigners
Who can count on family allowances in the Netherlands? How much is the child allowance? When is it paid and what documents are needed to
How do I settle my tax in the Netherlands through DigiD?
In addition to your documents, you must also have a DigiD. What does this term refer to? How to settle tax in the Netherlands through
This is how the car tax in the Netherlands is determined by people who were given the opportunity to come to this place.