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Have you worked under an employment contract in The Netherlands and are looking for an online tax calculator?

You will find many tools on the Internet, but none of them is as precise as our calculator. We take into account the partial registration period in the Netherlands (m-Form) as well as the case of no registration (c-Form).

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The 90% Rule (the so-called kwalificerende buitenlandse belastingplicht)

Our calculator will precisely calculate your tax refund from The Netherlands taking into account the 90% Rule, i.e. it will calculate the Heffingskorting discount, taking into account the days when you were insured in the Netherlands.

Data from Jaaropgave

Easily enter the values from your Jaaropgave penalty that your Dutch employer imposed on you. There are three basic pieces of information on the tab:

- Employment income, the so-called LOON VOOR LOONBELASTING

- Tax deducted - the so-called LOONHEFFING

- Tax relief - the so-called ARBEIDSKORTING

Calculate tax refund

After entering the data, do not forget to specify how long you worked in the Netherlands - it has a huge impact on the amount of the refund - especially in the case when you had not registered your place of residence

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If you received any sickness or unemployment benefits then you should get Jaaropgave from UWV. Enter the data in the calculator


You can also check the estimated return of your Zorgtoeslag for the specified year.

Our calculator will show you the amount of the Zorgtoeslag co-financing for each month you were insured in The Netherlands. In order to do this, you need to fill in the data from Jaaropgave and indicate that you would like to apply for Zorgtoeslag.

An amount with a minus means it's a surcharge

If the calculator shows an amount with a minus, it means that you will have to supplement the Belastgindienst with the tax amount indicated.

Positive amounts indicate overpayments that will be refunded to you by the tax office.

Check the tax calculator from the Netherlands right now.

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