Remote application option for DigiD in the Netherlands

autor: Maciej Wawrzyniak28 August 2023
Opcja zdalnego wnioskowania o DigiD w Holandii


DigiD is a type of digital identity that in the Netherlands is used to deal with many authorities. It is used as an electronic signature to validate official documents and applications. Anyone who decides to work in the Netherlands should get this ID as soon as possible, as it makes it very easy to function in the country? In the following post we will describe who can get it, and how to get it without leaving home. We invite you to read.

How to get a DigiD code in the Netherlands?

With the help of your DigiD ID, you will log in to most government services, health care institutions and pension funds. With DigiD, these organizations know they are dealing with the right person. The Dutch authorities do not require taxpayers to necessarily set up a DigiD, so it is not mandatory, but the increasing amount of paperwork handled using it is making it indispensable. Without a digital identity, we won't be able to file a tax return online, among other things.

Obtaining a DigiD in the Netherlands is very simple and requires only a few uncomplicated steps. You should start by registering at https://digid.nl with your basic personal information - date of birth, postal code, current residential address and BSN number. After completing the registration form electronically (SMS, E-mail) you will receive a special code (consists of 9 characters and is valid for 30 days) necessary to obtain an activation code. You can pick up this one at one of the DigiD service points - you can also find the nearest branch on the website. With its help you will be able to log into your personal account.

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How to apply for DigiD from abroad?

We can also obtain a DigiD code while staying outside the Netherlands. The case looks a little different here, because, as we mentioned above, the collection of the activation code involves a personal visit to a special point, but it is possible to get it in other ways. It is also worth noting that nowadays you do not need to be registered in the Netherlands to obtain a DigiD, as was the case until recently.

In this case, how to make a DigiD while staying outside the Netherlands? The process is practically the same as when doing it in the Netherlands. The only difference here is getting the activation code. Since we do not have the opportunity to pick it up in person from the DigiD service center, the Dutch office provides for the possibility of video chat with the office.

After completing the form and providing a foreign address, it will be necessary to make an appointment through the online appointment system. You will need to select one of the available appointments that suits you, after which you will receive an appointment confirmation email containing instructions on how to proceed and a link to make a video call. The appointment system opens every Friday morning for the following week. Subject to availability, free appointments will be added every day around 9:00 a.m

So it turns out that getting DigiD from abroad is even more convenient - if you're in the Netherlands, you can't schedule a video call and have to pick up your DigiD activation code in person. This is because the option to get it by calling an official online is only for those residing abroad.

How to use the DigiD code?

With DigiD you can file your annual tax return with the Blastigdienst.

It also allows you to check various information regarding your status as a resident of the Netherlands - your registration details, your personal BSN number, the amount of your tax refund or any financial obligations. Use the DigiD code to access your personal account at https://www.svb.nl/nl/.

Many organizations, for security reasons, do not allow you to log in with just a username and password and require a multi-step sms verification.

So the most convenient way would be to download the DigiD app, a functional program that provides easy and secure access to our data.

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