Netherlands 2023 tax refund calculator - check how much you can get back!

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak17 January 2023
Netherlands 2023 tax refund calculator - check how much you can get back!

Want to know how much tax you are entitled to from the Netherlands for 2022? Are you interested in what changes have occurred compared to 2021? In this article, we will explain how you can quickly calculate your Dutch tax refund - free and online. Our calculator will calculate your overpayment for you quickly and conveniently - just the way everyone likes it!

Netherlands 2023 tax calculator - fast and convenient with Aangifte

"Dutch tax settlement calculator", "Jaaropgaaf calculator" "Dutch tax refund calculator" or "Dutch tax calculator". - have you ever searched this way for a tool to help you calculate your tax overpayment? On the Internet you will find quite a few calculators that more or less accurately present the amount of tax refund. It's not worth betting on half-measures that will calculate something that will not match reality.

It should be borne in mind that the "first better" online program may not take all the nuances of your situation, making the calculation unreliable. However, in order not to be disappointed, it is worth choosing proven solutions. Our free online Dutch tax refund calculator is the most accurate tool on the market, taking into account all additional tax credits available in the country (such as the child tax credit or the partner tax credit). This is confirmed by the numerous reviews of our satisfied customers that you will find online. All you need to do is provide your personal information, and information about your income and contributions paid, and our tool will be able to accurately estimate the amount of refund due to you.

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Tax calculator Netherlands 2023 - what is it and how does it work?

What is our Netherlands tax return calculator? This is a modern tool with which it is possible to calculate the amount due, which is returned after the PIT settlement. The principle of the program is very simple. Tax refund calculator from the Netherlands to calculate the amount due needs only a few data, which are entered in the appropriate boxes in the application. Importantly, in order for the calculation to be accurate, you should verify their correctness well. What information does our Netherlands tax refund calculator take into account? These include:

  • annual income,
  • tax deductions (allowances to which the taxpayer is entitled),
  • deductible expenses,
  • benefits received.

Free Dutch tax refund calculator - don't pay for the calculation

The online Netherlands tax refund calculator in question is a tool that is built into our Aangifte24 application. Will the calculation cost you anything? No. The calculator is free, so you don't have to spend a single zloty to find out the amount due to you.

Tax refund Netherlands - online calculator

As we mentioned - using our Netherlands tax refund calculator is very convenient. This is one of its main advantages - another is its remarkable accuracy. You only need access to the Internet to calculate the amount due. You do not need to go to the tax office or accounting office. Our calculator works 100% online. Save yourself commuting time and fuel money. Calculate your refund in minutes.

Netherlands refund calculator - how much tax can I get back for 2023?

You should expect higher tax refund amounts in 2023, mainly due to an increase in the Arbeidskorting tax credit - it currently stands at €5052. Ultimately, however, it all depends on the individual situation of the taxpayer, and in particular on the income earned in the year.

What has changed in taxes in the Netherlands in 2023?

The calculation of the Arbeidskorting allowance has changed, generally in favor of the taxpayer. As of 2023, the new amount is in effect and the maximum is €5052. The increase in the Arbeidskorting tax credit will result in a higher return for those with income up to €115,301 per year. Workers with incomes between €11,000 and €37,000 (low- and middle-income) will benefit the most from the earned income tax credit.

The final amount of the tax credit for an employed person depends on his or her age and level of labor income.

Tax calculator Netherlands 2023 - elimination of tax partner relief

Unfortunately, not all reliefs benefit your Dutch tax refund. The tax partner allowance, as announced by the government in the Netherlands, has been consistently reduced to zero. It was just this year that it was completely eliminated - now we will no longer be able to apply the general tax deduction for a fiscal partner with no income. It is worth mentioning here that as recently as 2015, this relief was €1175! The conclusion from this is that in 2024 the partner relief will no longer be profitable for Poles working in the Netherlands.

Our calculator will also precisely calculate your Zorgtoeslag subsidy amount for each insured month in the Netherlands. To do this, you need to fill in the data from Jaaropgave and indicate that you want to apply for an insurance refund.

Dutch income tax calculator 2023 - do you have questions? Get back to us!

Use the free refund calculator today! With just, a few clicks you can see what kind of tax refund you will receive for working abroad. Its operation is extremely intuitive, thanks to a user-friendly interface adapted for the user. You will only need the tax card you receive from your employer and a device such as a phone, tablet or laptop. You will complete all the paperwork while comfortably sitting on the couch in your own apartment.

Despite the fact that our online Netherlands tax refund calculator is a very easy-to-use tool, we know that some people need support when they first start the application. If you don't feel up to calculating on your own or have questions about how the program works, get back to us. You can contact us directly by email at hello@aangifte24.com - we respond as quickly as possible. We encourage you to contact us.