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Download the up-to-date PDF M-formulier/M-Biljet/M-form Belastigndienst or complete your tax return in our online application. You do not need any  DIGID code!

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Registration in the Netherlands and M-Formulier

If you've been registered in the Netherlands for part of the year, you are required to complete the M-Form 2023 and send it to the office. Unfortunately, the Belastigndienst office doesn't allow such a document to be sent online via DIGID. You have the following options:
- send the M-form/M-Biljet in paper version - if you have patience, you can fill in this form by yourself on paper. You can find a link to the M-Biljet in PDF version here. Download M-Form. You can also order the M-Form on the Belastigndienst website here >>>
- send M-Form/M- Biljet in online version - our application is available in 4 languages and enables you to send the M Formulier declaration online without the need to send it on paper. See for yourself how quickly you can do it on your own at aangifte24.com

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Taxpayer eligible for tax relief (kwalificerend buitenlands belastinglichtige)

While submitting the M-Formulier, you must remember that when applying for tax relief and meeting the 90% income requirement, you are required to send to the office an original form of the certificate of income from your country of residence. This form is different for each tax year. You can find up-to-date income certificates in the Netherlands for 2019, 2020 here.

Please check whether you are completing the tax return using the correct M-Biljet form

It's very important that you submit the correct M-Biljet form when you are registered in the Netherlands (for part of the year). If you submit a different form, the Belastigndienst office won't accept your return and you will have to submit documents to the office once again.

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