How to make a transfer to Belastingdienst

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak31 August 2023
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How to make a transfer to Belastingdienst

Have you recently been employed to work in the Netherlands? Will you be settling your tax in the Netherlands for the first time this year? Read the following post - we will guide you through the entire procedure for making a transfer to the tax authority in the Netherlands Belastingdienst.

Transfer to the Belastingdienst in the Netherlands - Acceptgiro account

Acceptgiro is the name of the Dutch yellow bill, commonly referred to as the 'yellow bill'. This printout is an essential element for making payments and paying bills from, among other things, the tax office in the Netherlands. Acceptgiro is also used to pay for services such as

  • tV subscription,
  • use of a mobile phone,
  • transfers for charges (for example electricity),
  • transfers to insurance companies.

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Acceptgiro - how to make a transfer to the Belastingdienst

Using the Dutch payment blank Acceptgiro, you can make a transfer in one of two selected ways.

Delivering the bill to the bank in person

The first way is to personally deliver the Acceptgiro bill to your bank. If you choose this option, don't forget to sign your own signature on the bill and, if you don't have one, to correctly enter the amount you wish to transfer. The bank, upon receiving the 'yellow bill' from you, will enter the payment into the system and debit the appropriate amount of money from your bank account. There is an additional charge for such a service, so if you do not want to incur additional costs, you can opt to make the payment yourself (described below).

Making a transfer online

The second way to make a transfer to the tax office in the Netherlands, which is definitely faster and increasingly popular, is to make an online transfer. In this case, you must carefully check that you have entered all your details from your Acceptgiro account in the online transfer without error. If you do not do this and the data turn out to be incorrect, your money will not be credited correctly and thus Belastingdienst may not find your online payment at all and send you an official letter with penalty interest for the late payment.

How to make a transfer to Belastingdienst - step by step

See how to make an online transfer yourself using the yellow Acceptgiro account

  1. Go to your bank's website and under the name "BEDRAG" enter the amount due.
  2. Under the name "NAAM ONTVANGER", enter the owner of the account (name of the office or other company).
  3. Under the name "REKENINGNUMMER" enter the account number of the authority or company.
  4. Under "BETALINGSKENMERK" you will see the unique case number - by this number the recipient of the transfer will know from whom and for what they have received the payment.
  5. Click on "VERZENDEN" to make an online transfer, paying your Acceptgiro account from the Netherlands.

Yellow Acceptgiro bill - ask the specialists for help

If you encounter any doubts when making an online transfer or manually filling in your Acceptgiro bill for a personal bank transfer, contact the tax office. The specialists working there will certainly help you with your problem. If you decide to contact the accounting office Aangifte, then, in addition to help with the Acceptgiro bill, you will also be offered the opportunity to download the first Polish app for settling taxes from the Netherlands. This convenient and intuitive tool has helped many Poles working abroad and settling their taxes with the tax office in the Netherlands.

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