How to extract tax from Jaaropgaaf?

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak4 April 2023
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Jaaropgaave otherwise commonly referred to as jaaropgaaf or jarograf is a Dutch tax card that you receive from your employer in case you have undertaken legal work in the Netherlands. This is an extremely important document because it is necessary for the annual tax return, which is mandatory for all people working in the Netherlands. What does the jaaropgaaf actually contain and how to find the necessary information in it? In the following post we will try to answer the question - how to read Jaaropgaaf from the Netherlands?

Where to get the Jaaropgaaf from the Netherlands from?

Before we move on to the description of the document itself a few words about where you actually get the Jaaropgaaf from. Every employer is required to complete and issue a Dutch tax card to all employees. It must do this by mid-March at the latest. If you have taken jobs at several places with other employers, you will get more than one jaaropgaaf.

If, for some reason, you do not receive a jaaropgaaf from your work and are unable to enforce the document due to you from your employer, the Dutch Tax Authority Belastingdienst can issue you a replacement IB60 printout or a printout of the document from the FLG system. This way you will be able to use them to handle a lot of paperwork and as a substitute when applying for a tax refund from the Netherlands.

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Differences between IB60 and FLG

However, the documents that the Belastingdienst can issue to us in case we are unable to get Jarogaaf are different. The IB60 printout contains only gross income and cannot be used for settlement, while the FLG printout will be a full-fledged tax document that will help us handle all tax formalities both in the Netherlands and abroad.

What does the Jaaropgaaf contain?

In the jaaropgaaf we will find a lot of detailed information regarding our Dutch gross income. From this document we will also find out exactly how much advance tax payment was taken from our salary, how much health insurance contributions, and social security.

The most important items in the Jaaropgaaf - translation

The Jaaropgaaf is issued, for obvious reasons, in Dutch. Even if we work and earn in this country, we don't always speak the language well enough to feel confident in dealing with all the tax paperwork. This can prevent us from getting the most favorable tax refund from the Netherlands. Below is a translation of the most important items in this document.

-Loon or fiscaal loon (loon voor loonbelasting/premie volksverzekeringen) - total income from the Netherlands.

-Ingehouden Loonbelasting or Premie Volksverzekeringen (loonheffing or ingehouden looheffing) - the advance income tax withheld from your salary, it also determines how much the maximum tax refund from the Netherlands can be.

-Arbeidskorting (verrekende Arbeidskorting) -employee relief, which is a reduction in taxation made by the employer.

-Premie ziekenfonds (ingehouden bijdrage zorgverzekeringswet) -health insurance - there is a tax deduction for those in the highest tax bracket.

-Loon zorgverzekeringswet - gross income that is the basis for calculating health (sickness) insurance premiums.

-Levensloopverlofkorting - a deduction from salary and social security contributions related to length of service - the longer, the higher the deduction.

-Loonheffingskorting - relief from payroll tax (loonbelasting) - this can be relief for older workers, relief for disabled youth, general tax relief.

Jaaropgaave a tax settlement abroad

When settling your Dutch income with a foreign tax authority, you will also need a jaaropgave tax card. Settlement of foreign earnings requires submission of the appropriate attachment depending on the country. Having a translation of the jaaropgave will make completing the document you submit to the tax office much easier.

Jaaropgaaf - how to apply for a tax refund from the Netherlands?

Do you need to settle the jarograf? Not sure where to start? Use our application for tax refunds from the Netherlands. If you have questions - contact by email hello@aangifte24.com.

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