How to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands yourself?

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak7 April 2023
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How to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands yourself?


How to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands on your own? This is a question that is asked every year by a large number of people who have been employed in the country and are hoping for a tax overpayment, which is often very high. Are you expecting a tax refund, but don't know how much it will amount to? In today's post we suggest how to calculate Dutch tax on your own - we invite you to read on.

Calculating Dutch tax - can you do it on your own?

At the very beginning, let's answer the most important question - is it at all possible to calculate Dutch tax refund on your own? Yes - really anyone can do it. However, we know from experience that the vast majority of people entrust this into the hands of specialists. However, there are some people who choose to calculate the amount due on their own. And it is for such people that we have created today's post - in the following paragraphs you will learn the most important things about how to get down to doing your own tax return from the Netherlands.

How to calculate tax refund from Jaaropgave? Remember the documents

How to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands yourself? In order to get started, you need to have the right documents prepared, which include various information that directly affects the total amount of the overpayment.

To calculate your Dutch tax refund, you will first of all need a Jarograf tax card (Jaaropgave/Jaaropgaaf), which you should get from your employer (or employers, in case you have worked in several places).

In addition to the Jaaropgaaf, you may also need a certificate of the amount of income earned outside the Netherlands (this applies to people who worked in another country during the same tax year, e.g. Poland,Romania, Czech Republic, etc.). ).

Do you have children? Have their dates of birth ready as well.

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How to calculate tax from the Netherlands on your own? Information needed

If you have all the documents prepared, it means that you can slowly start thinking about calculating your tax refund. However, before we get to describing this issue, let's discuss what data you need to have on hand. Among the most important information you will need when calculating your claim are:

-the applicable tax year (remember that you can settle up to five years back with the Belastingdienst),

-place of residence,

-Loon, i.e. Dutch income earned (gross),

-time of employment in the Netherlands,

-payments made for income tax and social security (Ingehouden loonbelasting/Loonheffing),

-the amount of employee relief (Arbeidskorting/Verrekende arbeidskorting).

Calculating tax from the Netherlands on your own - can be tricky

Calculating your Dutch tax refund on your own can be troublesome. First, you need to carefully add up your income, and then divide it accordingly (keeping in mind all current tax laws and any deductions). As calculations go - it's easy to get it wrong - especially when it comes to tax matters. Tax-related regulations, rates and other important accounting rules change every year, so you need to stay up-to-date with everything.

How to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands yourself? The best way is with the help of a special calculator

So how to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands yourself? Preferably with the help of a dedicated tool for calculating the tax due. Recently, calculators that are customized for each tax year have become very popular. They make it significantly easier to calculate the amount owed - it is worth remembering that the result is an estimate and may differ slightly from the refund you will actually receive. What tool will help you calculate your Dutch tax overpayment?

An example is Aangifte24, an application that has a built-in tax calculator. All you have to do is enter the relevant data, and the tool will do the calculations for you on its own, so you'll know what amount of refund you can count on. Using a special program, you get a guarantee that the calculation will be made reliably and in accordance with the applicable rates and accounting rules in the Netherlands.

How to calculate a tax refund from the Netherlands? Do it with the help of advisors

If you don't feel up to calculating your claim yourself or using a calculator, get in touch with us. Our advisors will make a professional calculation for you and help you with the formal issues related to tax settlement from the Netherlands.

Consider using our Dutch tax refund calculator 2023/2024 online! It's a tool that employs cutting-edge algorithms and up-to-date tax legislation to provide a precise estimation of the refund you might receive from the Belastingdienst. With our app, you will handle your tax affairs very quickly and efficiently without leaving your home. We focus on your convenience and efficiency!