How much time is there to settle tax from the Netherlands?

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak20 April 2023
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How much time is there to settle tax from the Netherlands

Clearing taxes with the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authority) is the responsibility of every person who has been legally employed in the Netherlands. When does the tax return become mandatory for non-registered individuals? What is the deadline for filing? You'll read about this later in today's article.

Settlement with the Belastingdienst for the non-registered - when does it become mandatory?

As mentioned in the introduction - a tax return is mandatory for anyone who was employed on a contractual basis, and the employer of such a person paid the due income tax contributions. The current tax system in the Netherlands provides for several situations in which non-registered persons should settle (file a return/declaration) with the Belastingdienst. When does a tax return become mandatory? About this in the following paragraphs.

Receipt of a letter from the Belastingdienst - did you receive a letter from the office with the title Aangiftebrief? If so, know that this is a summons to settle your income tax. This document is sent to every person who is due a tax refund from the Netherlands or has a surcharge obligation.

Tax refund in excess of 15 euros - this situation may seem funny on the surface - however, you should know that current tax regulations in the Netherlands impose an obligation on the taxpayer to settle with the authorities in the event that such a person is entitled to a tax refund in an amount that exceeds 15 euros.

The obligation to pay a surcharge of at least 46 euros - in case your employer charged you too little in advance tax, you must pay the difference. The obligation to settle with Belastingdienst applies if it is at least 46 euros or more. If the amount is less, you should not worry about the surcharge.

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Tax return - how much time to settle from the Netherlands?

So how much time is there to settle tax from the Netherlands? Current regulations state that registered individuals have until May 1 to file their returns - non-registered individuals, on the other hand, have until July 1. What if you are late in delivering your return to the office? After a few weeks you should receive a reminder in the form of a letter from Belastingdienst. What is important - in this case you have 10 days from receipt of the letter to settle your Dutch tax return. If you do not file a return this time as well, you must expect financial consequences. The Belastingdienst may impose a more or less severe penalty on you - from 385 to even 5278 euros.

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