Housing allowance in the Netherlands - huurtoeslag. For whom and how much is it?

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak21 April 2023
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When deciding to go to work in the Netherlands, we are forced to find a place to live. In the case of temporary employment through an employment agency, there is usually not much of a problem with this, because we get assigned accommodation. The situation is different if we plan a longer stay, especially with family. In that case, it will be necessary to rent an apartment, the cost of which can be very high. In the Netherlands, however, there is a huurtoeslag allowance, which is a subsidy for housing that allows you to recoup some of the money allocated for it. Find out who can get it and what its amount depends on - welcome.

Subsidy for housing Netherlands - what conditions must be met?

To apply for huurtoeslag, you must be at least 18 years old, legally living in the Netherlands and registered with the municipality. It is not necessary to have Dutch citizenship - it is also available to all citizens of European Union countries legally residing in the Netherlands.

The basic condition for obtaining the allowance is to have a rental agreement signed by the property owner and to pay regular rent for the rented apartment. It applies only to entire apartments and houses - a person who rents only one room has no chance of receiving this subsidy.

In 2022, you can receive a rent allowance if your assets on January 1, 2022 did not exceed 31,747 euros. In case you have a partner to receive the allowance, the joint assets as of January 1, 2022 must not exceed 63,494 euros.

The granting of the allowance also depends on a person's earnings. As of 2020, there is no rigid limit and it depends on a number of individual factors, which are analyzed by the tax office. On the website of this institution you will find a calculator from which you can figure out whether you have a chance of getting huurtoeslag - found here.

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Housing allowance in the Netherlands and the amount of rent

Housing subsidy in the Netherlands also depends on the amount of rent. You are only entitled to the allowance if it is within certain limits. The rent cannot be too low or too high. In any case, the monthly housing payment cannot be less than 239 euros and more than 763 euros.

Slightly different conditions apply to people who have not yet reached the age of 23, as they are usually only eligible for housing allowance if their monthly rent is below 442 euros. There are exceptions where a higher rent is allowed, for example, in the case of a large family or for adapted housing.

Housing allowance Netherlands - what documents will be needed ?

You apply for the rental property subsidy through your personal tax authority website - Mijn toeslagen. You will need a DigiD ID to log in. You only apply for the housing subsidy once. Thereafter, you receive the subsidy each year automatically, as long as you meet the criteria.

Documents needed to apply for housing subsidy:

apartment rental agreement and confirmation of transfers,

BSN numbers of the persons making the application,

Dutch bank account number,

the last cut from salaris showing the amount of income,

DigiD of all persons registered in the apartment.

Subsidy for housing Netherlands 2022 - how much is it?

The amount of the subsidy varies and depends on the situation. A big influence on the amount of housing allowance will be the amount of your income and the rent you pay. The relationship is quite simple - the greater the difference between your income and the amount you pay for housing, the higher the huurtoeslag. The housing allowance is paid once a month.

You can find out the approximate amount of the surcharge by making calculations using a special tool, which you can find by clicking on this link.

Please note that if any changes occur in connection with your residence (including, but not limited to, a change in tenants, rent, income), while you are receiving the housing allowance, you must notify the tax office of this situation within 4 weeks.

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