Family in the Netherlands - family benefits in the Netherlands for foreigners.

author: Maciej Wawrzyniak22 February 2023
Family in the Netherlands - family benefits in the Netherlands for foreigners

In the Netherlands, you can count not only on favorable wage rates, but also on many valuable allowances. One of them, for example, is Kinderbijslag, or family allowance in the Netherlands for foreigners. Who can count on family allowances in the Netherlands? How much is the child allowance? When is it paid and what documents are needed to get it? In the following article you will find answers to all your questions and doubts about this benefit.

Family allowance in the Netherlands - who can receive it?

Family allowance in the Netherlands (Kinderbijslag) is granted to people who work in the country and have children. This benefit can be received by both citizens of this country, as well as foreigners taking up legal employment in the Netherlands. What is the purpose of the family benefit in the Netherlands for foreigners?

The purpose of this Dutch family allowance is to provide financial assistance for raising children - that is, to cover some of the associated costs. We're talking, for example, about buying clothes, books for schooling, providing children with recreation or additional extracurricular activities. This allowance is a very big help for parents and guardians in everyday life.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you want to apply for Kinderbijslag (family allowance in the Netherlands) is that not only biological parents can receive it, but also:

  • legal guardians of adopted children,
  • foster families,
  • guardians and parents of stepchildren and other children who are raised as their own.

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How much is the family allowance in the Netherlands in 2023?

The institution responsible for granting and paying family allowance in the Netherlands for foreigners is the SVB. Its full name is Sociale Verzekeringsbank. It is the one responsible for collecting and processing all Dutch social insurance. What amounts can you count on thanks to family allowance in the Netherlands?

  • Children up to 5 years old - 269.76 euros.
  • Children 6 to 11 years old - 327.56 euros.
  • Children from 12 to 18 years - 385.37 euros.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned amounts are per quarter, not per month. As you can see, the amounts of survivor's pensions in the Netherlands vary depending on the age of the child. The money - as mentioned above - is paid quarterly for each child the applicant has as a dependent.

Family allowance Netherlands - what documents?

Wondering if you have a chance to receive this type of child benefit in the Netherlands? You will need various types of documents to be able to apply for family allowance in the Netherlands. Just as for any other benefit in this country, you will also need to thoroughly document your right to receive it. Here is a list of the necessary documents for you to receive family allowance in the Netherlands.

  • Document confirming that your residence or place of work is in the Netherlands.
  • Document confirming that you have paid social security contributions - this form is necessary if you want to receive a child benefit supplement in the Netherlands.

It is also important that the child of the applicant for family allowance in the Netherlands is dependent on the applicant.

Family allowance in the Netherlands - documents that may also come in handy

The above documents for receiving child benefit in the Netherlands are not the only forms that need to be submitted to the office. Each of the documents listed below allows the Dutch tax office to make a quicker decision on the amount of child benefit in the Netherlands. See the full list of documents needed when applying for family in the Netherlands that you will likely need to provide to the office.

Confirmations of transfers sent from the Netherlands to the child's caregiver's account in the country of residence - these can be account statements, printed confirmations, proofs of payment. The presentation of such documents is required of all foreigners who have come to the Netherlands to work and apply for family benefits. These confirmations are intended to prevent the Dutch family allowance Kinderbijslag from being used for the applicant's personal needs and consumption expenses, rather than as daily support for their children.

  • The applicant's SOFI number - that is, the tax identification number.
  • Domicile address - this refers to the address of the applicant, his or her partner who lives outside the Netherlands and the children who live with him or her.
  • Employer's address-The SVB in the Netherlands will also need to know the address of your Dutch employer, as well as the time frame in which you were employed by them.
  • Information from the Social Welfare Centers from your country of residence - this is a very important document; the Dutch SVB conditions the award of Kinderbijslag on whether you receive other child allowances outside the Netherlands. One such allowance could be, for example, child benefit abroad. If the SVB confirms that the applicant is receiving other financial assistance in the Netherlands, it may not grant the Dutch child benefit.
  • Common registration certificate - applies to the applicant for -Kinderbijslag and the children for whom it is to be paid.
  • Certificate of employment - this is issued by the Dutch employer.
  • Certificate about the child's education - family benefits in the Netherlands are paid for children who are studying (the child must be no older than 18).
  • Other documents - for example, a birth or marriage certificate.

Of course, the most important document that will allow you to receive family benefits in the Netherlands is a properly completed application. You should fill it out yourself or entrust this task to a tax advisor. His assistance can be invaluable, as it will help you avoid many mistakes and errors that unnecessarily prolong the time the Dutch office takes to process your application for Kinderbijslag.

Kinderbijslag for a child in the Netherlands - a different registered address

When dealing with all the paperwork related to the family in the Netherlands, it may happen that the parent or legal guardian of the child will have a different registered address. What should be done then?

The Dutch SVB assumes that it is necessary to live at the same address in order to receive the appropriate amount of family in the Netherlands (Kinderbijslag). However, Dutch officials understand that for various reasons these addresses may be different.

When the registered address of the child and the applicant for family in the Netherlands are different, the onus is on the applicant to prove that the entire amount of family allowance paid in the Netherlands is transferred to the child. In order to prove this, you can provide such forms as, for example, transfer receipts, cash receipts or named invoices for the purchase of items for the child.

Family allowances in the Netherlands - good to know

In order to be able to apply for family allowances in the Netherlands, you must - first and foremost - be working in the country on a contractual basis. An additional prerequisite for receiving Dutch family benefit Kinderbijslag is regular payment of social security contributions. It is also obvious that the applicant for Kinderbijslag must live in the Netherlands.

Family benefits in the Netherlands - payment deadlines

Despite the fact that family allowance in the Netherlands (Kinderbijslag) is paid on an ongoing basis, at the time of application it is possible to receive its compensation up to one year back. In this case, the date of application for family benefits in the Netherlands will be decisive. This rule proves once again that when it comes to applying for family benefits in the Netherlands, it is worth trusting qualified and experienced advisors, whose invaluable knowledge will make the whole process of receiving higher family benefits in the Netherlands much easier.

Kindgebonden Budget

Kindgebonden Budget is a family allowance from the Netherlands, paid by the Dutch tax authority - Belastingdienst. Its amount depends on the child's age and income, and will be granted automatically if you meet the relevant conditions. Notification in the form of a letter from the office should come within 8 weeks of the child's birth. To, receive the allowance you must be entitled to family allowance and your income, along with your partner, must not be too high. It is paid until the child turns 18.

How much is the family allowance in the Netherlands?

You can make the calculation on the Belastingdienst website, using the calculator provided. The amount of Kindgebonden Budget will be affected by many factors such as:

  • the age of the child - it is higher for children aged 12 - 18,
  • the number of children,
  • parents' income - the lower it is, the higher the allowance will be.

In order to receive the Kingeboten Budget, not only can we not exceed the amount of income set by the office, but also we can not have too much capital - in 2022 the limit is 120,020 euros, and 151,767 euros for partners.

Family benefits in the Netherlands - keep this in mind

Keep in mind that family benefits in the Netherlands are not granted permanently. Whenever the claimant's family situation changes, it must be reported to the Dutch SVB. We are talking here especially about such situations that may affect the non-recognition of the application for child benefit in the Netherlands and the refusal to pay the corresponding amount of money. This will be, for example, the granting of a parallel financial benefit outside the Netherlands, the child's graduation from school or a change in the family situation of spouses or guardians. Failure to report such a fact will result in a fine of more than two thousand euros.

Family allowance in the Netherlands - get it with our help

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